BIxPress Package Builder Templates: Loop Load Archive

September 13, 2011

When I was in the Navy working as a Airplane Mechanic (AM2 if anyone is interested) we were always told never to rely on our memories, but to take the repair manual with us.  Even if it was something we’d done a hundred times or more, the one time you forgot something could put the people who relied on us to fix things correctly in danger.  This mentality has stuck with me even as I’ve changed careers, and that is why BIxPress is such a big help to me even when developing the simple SSIS Packages.  Whether you are using the existing templates in BIxPress or creating your own, it eliminates the guess work and the time spent wracking your brain or scouring the forums and the blogs to find the correct SSIS construction.  In the last few weeks I have had to build a number of packages that loop over files in a folder, load them into a table, and then archive the files.  Not a terribly complex package, but between variables and containers and file system tasks I always tend to screw up one of them and have to spend some time troubleshooting the package to realize I forgot to set the variable as an expression or some other simple thing to overlook. 

BIxPress comes with a template already built in to handle such a process and some test files to load and archive as well.  Inside your project add a new package using the BIxPress Package Builder Wizard, either right clicking on the SSIS package folder or from the BIxPress tab on the menu bar.

From the options select the Create SSIS package from existing package template, also rename the package as well and click next.


On the next screen choose the appropriate template.


On the next screen choose the configurable properties (the defaults are fine for the test files) and click next


On the final screen you see a summary and then click start to begin building the package.


Once the wizard is complete there are just a few things left to configure.  The first thing we need to change is the Destination Transform.  I’m loading the files into a table on my local machine.



Next we need to configure the Flat File connection manager.



Click OK.  Now lets just verify the test files are where they need to be


Execute the package and once its complete the folder where the files were should now be empty of files.


and the archive folder should now have three files in it.


This is just one of the many package templates that come with BIxPress.  For me it’s a great way to insure that I don’t forget any of the necessary components of a typical package.


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