Variable Expressions With BIxPress

September 14, 2011

The expression language in SSIS is a powerful but sometimes frustrating tool.  At times it resembles T-SQL at other times some of your typical programming languages which can make implementing them in SSIS packages a daunting task.   There are plenty of samples out on the web spread across blogs and forums, however, BIxPress actually has a library full of some of the most commonly used SSIS expressions already built in. The Expression Manager organizes all your common SSIS expressions for use anywhere you can use SSIS expressions, such as variables and data flow pipelines.  I have found this most useful when trying to build variable expressions.  To launch the Expression Manager when working with variables select Expression Library Icon from the Variable Toolbar Extension


Now that the Expression Manager window is open you should see two tabs across the top.  In the My Expressions tab you add your own expressions to the library which you will then have access to without having to open up another document where you might have stored it, or another package where you might have used the expression before.


In the Standard Expressions Tab there are a ton of pre built expressions covering date expressions, string manipulation expressions and file/folder expressions among others.


The Expression Manager has saved me a ton of time by not having to search and search for the right syntax.  If you get a chance to try out BIxPress you won’t regret it.


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