Use BIxPress Quick Deploy For Faster SSIS Deployment

October 27, 2011

Over the past few blog entries I’ve discussed multiple ways of deploying SSIS packages, including native and 3rd party methods.  Each one takes you through some sort of wizard to help you select the proper options for the package.  While this is helpful the first time or two you deploy a package to the same server, after a while it tends to be a drag to have to walk through the same steps, and the same configuration over and over. 

BIxPress has a nice feature that eliminates the need to walk through the wizard every time. Its called Quick Deploy.  With Quick Deploy you can single select a package or multi select a group of packages, as long as they are all going to the same location.  Let’s take a look at how it works.

Now let me say right off the bat that you will have to do a little configuring the first time you use Quick Deploy, or if you are using Quick Deploy to deploy to a new environment.  To use Quick Deploy right click on a package and select Quick Deploy SSIS Packages(BIxPress)


This will launch a new window.


In this new window you can see a dropdown under target location.  Since this is our first time using the Quick Deploy the list is empty.  Lets click on <New Location> and add a location to deploy our packages to.


The first thing you have to do with this new window is click the add location button.  I have already done that in this step so it appears grayed out.  Next you need to specify the location type, either File System, SQL Server or SSIS Package Store.  Also give this location a title so you can easily identify it from the drop down from the Quick Deploy window.   Since I’m using the File System as my location type I need to select the path, which I can browse to.  Once all that is done, click okay and it will return you to the original Quick Deploy window.


As you can see the drop down that was blank earlier is now populated with the location that we just configured. At this point, if you want to click Start Deploy, you can go right ahead and deploy the package and close the wizard. 

However if you want to use some of the options available from the main wizard for deploying SSIS packages with BIxPress then click the check box next to Use Options From Main Wizard.


By clicking on the view settings box next to Use Options From Main Wizard you can see the options from the main wizard.


Now if you want to change any of these options you will have to open the main BIxPress SSIS Package Deployment Wizard and change the deployment options there.


Click next and leave that window open. Return to the Quick Deploy window and click on the view settings box again and you will see different configurations.


With all of that set you can now deploy the package.  The next time you want to deploy the package to that location all you have to do is select that location from the drop down, and click Start Deploy. This is a great way to save some time by not having to run through a wizard time and time again.


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