Document your SSIS Packages with BI Documenter Part4: Object Lineage and Impact Analysis

December 28, 2011

Sorry for the long layoff since my last post in this series but the holiday season and client commitments demanded a lot of me.  I am back now and ready to continue to share with you all.

In some of the more complex SSIS packages it can be a challenge to identify what objects in your environment will either impact your SSIS package of be impacted by your SSIS package.  This is doubly true if you didn’t design the package your self.  BI Documenter has a feature called Impact Analysis/Object Lineage that helps you get a better sense of these objects.

Lets continue with the package we’ve been using throughout these tutorials.  Select the solution from the list.


Then click on the link to launch the Impact Analysis/Object Lineage wizard.


Choose the Packages Tab and then right click on the package you want to investigate. You’ll have two options at this point.  You can render it as a diagram or render it as a list.


If you select the first option the diagram will look something like this.


The diagram shows that the package accessing two different tables.  On top of that is clearly shows you which tables are providing the data for the package and which table is consuming the data.

The list gives a slightly different view of the tables but still just as useful.


It lists them by objects used and objects using the package. Once you have select the version that suits you, you can choose to save the image or print it.  For my money I would choose to save it as part of the solution and have it available in the complete document.  It can also be saved as a separate file if you choose.

I suggest you test out BI Documenter for you self and test this and any of the other features I’ve talked about in my last few blogs.


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