Develop Packages Faster using BIxPress Package Templates: Creating a Template

December 31, 2011

The current project I am involved with has required me to develop packages as quickly as possible while also adhering design standards. The packages had a number of things in common with each other, including data sources, variables and components used to load the packages.  This is the perfect scenario for creating a template to speed up development of SSIS packages.  To create a template you can right click on the SSIS packages folder and select the BIxPress Package Builder Wizard


From the wizard specify the New Template from Package option. Give the template a meaningful name for example DimensionLoadTemplate.  Note that the templates are saved as .flow file.  Select the folder you want the template to be saved in.  A great tip I’ve picked up from the other consultants here at Pragmatic Works is to select a shared folder on the network to store any user created templates so that way any developer can have access to the templates.


On the next screen select the package you want to create the template from and then click next.


The next screen allows you to select which options for every  object in the package you want to set up as configurable by default. The list of configurable objects is on the left


Once you select an object from the object list the configurable properties pane is populated with all of the properties for that object.  Place a check mark next to the properties you want to be able to configure when using the template to create a new package. For the OLEDB Source Component I am choosing to make the Name of the component and the SQL Command default configurable.


Repeat this for every object you want to configure.  Once you are done with this selection process click next and then start.  Just like that you have now created a Template that you can use over and over again to speed up your SSIS development time significantly.  Try BIxPress yourself and tell me what you think.


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