Document SQL Server 2012 with BI Documenter v4.5

May 31, 2012

A while back I wrote a series of blogs on using BI Documenter, and since then there have been some updates to BI Documenter which I believe are worth mentioning. The first new feature, or set of features if you think about it, all of the existing BI Documenter features are now compatible with SQL Server 2012.  This means that as your company migrates to SQL Server 2012 Documenter will be able to make the transition with you, which I think is pretty awesome.

The second feature that I wanted to mention with v4.5 is BI Documenter files can now be outputted to a Word document (.docx). I really like this new feature simply because it’s a file format that so many people are familiar and comfortable with. You can quickly upload the file to a SharePoint document library making it easy to store and share. 


The one thing I had been concerned about regarding this feature was, what if I’ve installed documenter on a server and scheduled the snapshot to run from there and I don’t have Word already installed on the server, since it isn’t really needed.  I hate when I have to go and install an application on a server just so I can create the document, even though it will never be consumed there.  Well BI Documenter uses the open xml format, which eliminates the need for Word to be installed on the server to create the document. Furthermore using the open xml format allows other programs that support the .docx format can view the Word document output from BI Documenter. Go and download BI Documenter and test out these features and many more.


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