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BIxPress Now with SQL Server 2012 Support

May 30, 2012

Last week Pragmatic Works launched it’s latest version of BIxPress with some great new features.  At the top of that list of new features was adding support for SQL Server 2012 SSIS Packages.  The Auditing Framework, Notification Framework, and Snippets you’ve come to rely on in your 2008 and 2005 environments are now available in 2012. 

Once you’ve tried out the real time monitoring console from BIxPress, it will change the way you monitor packages in your SSIS environment forever. No longer do you have to watch your package in Debug Mode inside BIDS.  Neither do you have to wait for an error notification to be sent to you if a package fails.  You can view packages that have been deployed to your server as they are running, just as if you had opened them up in bids.


You don’t have to worry about conflicts between some of the new features in 2012 and features in BIxPress, because they are either disabled or removed completely in this latest release of BIxPress. 


Check out all the new features of BIxPress here.